Advent Course

Advent is a time to reflect …

This year as we will not be able to meet in the PCR, we plan to run a Virtual Advent Discussion Group on Zoom.

We plan to follow the new York Course “Living in Hope”. The aim of this course is to think about what it means to live well, and to die well. We are people of history and people of hope. We look back to the Bible to see where we’ve come from, and we look forward in hope to what lies ahead’.

There are four sessions:

Living Well
Dying Well
Hell Bent on Destruction
Going to Heaven When we Die

We plan to hold the session on Wednesdays.
25th November, 2nd December, 9th December and 16th December
at 8.00pm – 9.30pm

It would be nice if as many as possible of us could join in – especially since now there will be no need to go out on a cold Winters Night.

You can find out more detail on the York Courses Web Site

As we will be online it would be helpful if most people had a copy of the course booklet which costs £3.80.

You can obtain these yourself directly from York courses as above or if you give Mark your name ( (743451) he will bulk order copies.