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Parish Events
for Sunday 10th April 2016

Festival: 3rd Sunday of Easter
Parish Eucharist …
Location: St Nicholas
  On Service Plan:YES

Reading: Revelation 5.11-14
John 21.1-19

Parish Eucharist …
Location: St Mary's
  On Service Plan:YES

Hymns:  New A&M  220  214  204  421  507
Anthem:  Day by Day - How
Junior Anthem:  Rejoice O my Spirit - Bach
1st Reading: Acts 9.1-6 (7-20); Liz Moynihan
Psalm: 30
2nd Reading: Revelation 5.11-14; David Richards 
Gospel: John 21.1-19
Intercessions: Bernard Allen
Churchwarden: David
Offertory: Joan & Martin Vickerstaffe
Coffee: Vanessa Jenkinson & Antje Brandtne
Chalice: Sue Jeppeson & Andrew Gillborn

Choral Evensong …
Location: St Mary's
  On Service Plan:YES

Introit:  Day by Day - How
Hymns: New A&M  827  632  633ii  671
Psalm: 86
Canticles:  Service in F - Ireland
1st Reading: Isaiah 38.9-20; Sam Wallace
2nd Reading: John 11.17-44; Christine Pickett
Intercessions: Andrew Gillborn
Anthem: Rejoice in the Lord - Redford
Churchwarden: Sarah