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The Banner of the Virgin Mary

On the north side of the east window in the chancel

This banner showing the Virgin Mary is carried in the procession at the Patronal Festival service in September and is again by Percy Sheldrick. It is worked in tent stitch on canvas in shades of pink, blue, green, beige and yellow wool. The Virgin stands framed by an ogee shaped arch with a building behind her and this stonework is continued down the sides of the banner. The background behind the Virgin and the space enclosed within the arch is filled with a red and beige tapestry design of roses and leaves. She stands on a grassy bank with flowers and birds. The symbol of the rose without a thorn is a symbol of the Virgin as are the snowdrops at her feet and the lily which She carries in her right arm. The robe of the Virgin is in shades of pale creamy beige, her cloak is blue trimmed with ermine and her head is uncovered with the nimbus in shades of yellow and orange. The Virgin's face, hair, hands and the detail at the top of her robe are embroidered using the technique known as pricking the ground1.

1 'pricking the ground' - a technique to make regular extra holes in the canvas so that finer stitches can be used than by using the holes provided by the canvas for the rest of the embroidery.

Acknowledgement: Details of embroideries kindly provided by the Hertfordshire Branch of the
National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts Societies (NADFAS)