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Rev'd Dr Simon Chambers

Simon was Priest in charge in Ashwell, Hinxworth and Newnham from 2005-2010, and before that he was curate at St. Peter's Parkstone in Poole.

He studied for his PhD in Electronics at Liverpool University and then in 1991 joined with a colleague to start a business designing high speed Vision Systems, which are special computers connected to video cameras that are then able to process the images from the cameras. These systems were then integrated into a wide range of other companies' control equipment to perform tasks such as remote inspection, robotic guidance, banking systems and production systems to name but a few.

In 2000, after much to prayer and thought, Simon started training for the priesthood and was ordained at Salisbury in 2002. He is passionate about how people relate to God - that understanding themselves and knowing their own personality gives them insights to understanding and relating to God. He has a love of liturgy and collective worship and his spirituality is routed through music, prayer and the Eucharist.

He is married to Jenny, plays the bassoon, design Celtic knotwork, has a 1976 VW bay-window campervan, a 1971 and a 1966 'beetle'. They have a daughter Grace Annie and a son Arthur, three cats and plenty of chickens.

He is still interested in computers and electronics though not so much in designing them but getting them to work for God.