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Diocese of St Albans - Funeral infomation

Funeral Service Fees 2017


Service (in Church, cemetery or crematorium) (See Note 1) : £182.00
(additional fees apply for buriel and a service in crematorium or cemetry)

Burial in churchyard following on from service in Church : £291.00
Burial in churchyard on a seperate occasion or without service in Church : £317.00
(Please note burial in the churchyard is only possible in plots which have already been reserved)

Burial in the cemetry immediately following on from a service in church £26.00

Burial of cremated remains in the churchyard £151.00

Burial certificate, if required : £13.00


Verger: £50.00
Choir: £100.00
Organist: £95.00
Flowers: varies
Heating (if needed): £50.00


(1) If a cemetery or cremation autority has itself fixed different charges for the minister's services in a cemetery or crematorium such charges will take precedence over those specified here.