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Ashwell News

Ashwell News has been a feature of the life of our village for many years. Prepared and published by a St Mary's team, Ashwell News is primarily a church newsletter and includes a monthly passage from the Reverend Chris Ball , Rector of St Mary's as well as Hinxworth and Newnham, and also information about church services and activities. Added to this is a similar contribution from the URC.

Beyond the above the Ashwell News team supports all the other village activities. Thus it also prints Parish Council reports, notices of meetings and reports of the activities of the many clubs and societies active in Ashwell. It also prints the important village diary kept by Caroline Feast, the objective of which is to avoid events clashing.

We try to encourage contributions of general interest. Have you seen or done or read something you would like to share? Write it up and send it to the editor! Do you aspire to be a writer or poet? Send us something. Do you support a charity or community activity? Tell us about it! Do you offer a product or service useful to Ashwell folk? Advertise in Ashwell News with many others! Do you think you could do better? Tell us how! We want Ashwell News to be as informative and as interesting as possible for a village magazine.

Finally, very many thanks to all who have supported Ashwell News over the last years with their contributions and advertisements, and to the team, who work hard to produce and distribute it every month.


Editor / Production
Elizabeth Coldstream
Barry Field
Sue Bain
01462 742284
Children's Pages
Paula & Esme Merrell
Robert Sheldrick
01462 742156