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One Year later -BRAZIL REPORT! 20/08/2012

Wow, I can't believe it's been over a year already since we went on our mission to Belo Horizonte!

In a couple of weeks we're having a team reunion, and we wanted to update you all on what's been going on since our return - as promised, we've been continuing to support and keeping in touch with the children's home in Belo.

Some of us, me included, are still sending regular donations to our individual 'God-children':

Scott and I have been sending regular payments so that our god-son, Rariel, can receive much needed dental treatment. We have also been able to buy some new clothes for him, and make sure he had a card and cake on his birthday! Something which he otherwise would have missed out on.

We're delighted to report that some of the children we have been sponsoring have found loving new homes since our visit; one of the boys has even been adopted by our contact Ronaldo himself. Sadly this means some of us have lost contact with our god-children, but we are so happy that they are now cared for as part of a family.

Amy Robertson, as you may recall, was planning on returning to Belo this summer with Soapbox - but unfortunately not enough people could be recruited to make the mission viable and it had to be cancelled. However, Amy still wished to send the money she had raised to Brazil to benefit the children.

This, on top of money kindly donated by sponsors from among yourselves, means we have now collected enough money to pay for a three-month course of English lessons for all the children at the home! This will be hugely beneficial to them as it will help them to get a job in future. We are hoping to collect some children's books (first words etc) to send over as teaching aids, as these are very expensive to buy in Brazil. We hope to have some photographs to show you in the coming weeks.

Thank you all once again for your support of us as a team, in particular the fantastic young people who made this possible. Please do continue to pray for them as they look to their futures, and do also pray for Ronaldo and the children in Belo Horizonte that they will have bright futures too.

God Bless!



We are 7 young people from Ashwell, Baldock, Hinxworth & Bygrave (Tom Hartree, Callum Adams, Kia Pettitt-Brandtner, Jen Brown, Rufus Talks, Rosy Boxall, Amy Robertson & Amelia Morgan) and planning to go on a short-term project to Belo Horizonte to help at an Orphange that takes in some of Brazil's poorest children. Our flights are booked and we are leaving on the 20th July.

On this page we will give you regular updates on how we are doing and how you can help!

July update:

The Team have now reached the total of £14000. Thank you to everyone for their help and donations.
We had a commisioning service on the 17th July at St.Mary's, followed by a bring and share lunch and in the early hours of the 20th July the group left for Belo Horizonte. Everyone arrived safely in Brazil with only 1 bag missing on the way, which has now arrived as well. Thank you to everyone who donated toys, craft items and clothing and again a BIG THANK YOU to everyone to make this mission happening.

  • Kia & Callum have completed their 100 mile bike ride and raised just over £1500. Well done!
  • Ashwell at Christmas 4th December 2010-the Brazil Team were holding a jumble sale at the Parish Church Room. Second hand toys, hand-made Christmas Cards, general jumble and cakes.
  • We are planning Village 'Movie Nights'
  • We sold Tickets for the 'Fireman Ball' and raised £310
  • Christmas Fair raised: £320
  • Rich / Poor Man Meal on Shrove Tuesday, March 8th - Thank you to everyone for their support! We raised over £1000
  • Desperate Measure gig raised £893 and what a great night it was! On the same day we had the famous 'Ashwell Flea Market' and raised £550.
  • Baldock Quiz Night raised £600
  • Knights Templar non-uniform day total raised: £1000
  • 26th June 3:00pm-6:00pm ROSES & STRAWBERRY GARDEN PARTY - a total of £750 was raised. Thank you for all the support
  • We like to thank all the Charity organisations who gave towards our propject

Our young people are back in the UK on the 8th of August. Keep an eye on this page.

Ana Lucia & The Home Manager

entrance to the home

building the wall

location of the new building

some helpers