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Mission Action Group

This group has Andrew Gillborn as co-ordinator with other members: John Rowlands and
Peter John Gates.

Our focus is on the welcome experience inside the church. This includes the information that we have available for visitors, where it is, what notice boards show to them and how we demonstrate that this is a lively and friendly church with a number of treasures for those that want to find them.

Please do look at the coloured leaflet available showing just some of these treasures as well as the notice boards to show who does what and what is going on.

In addition we deliver an anniversary of Baptism card 1 year, 2 years and 5 years after an individual's Baptism and help as necessary with the delivery of the church Christmas card delivery.

We also look after the PASTORAL CARE in our Community and deliver Christmas Cards.

Please give us any feedback once you have visited our church because we are always happy to make improvements.