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The Kneeler Group

The kneeler project began in 2004 with the aim of replacing all the kneelers in the Church with the exception of those in the Lady Chapel.
The first part (replacement of the communion rail kneelers) which was professionally executed and funded by an anonymous private gift is now complete. The other part (replacement of kneelers used by the congregation) is now well under way. It has been funded by cash donations and by sponsorship of individual kneelers (many of them commemorating family members).
The work is done by the volunteer members of the kneeler Group who work in their own time or at monthly meetings. All the designs have as their basic pattern an irregular red cross on a gold or blue ground. Upon this are superimposed individual designs which so far are (i) Crown for the Virgin Mary, (ii) Arches (inspired by woodwork in the church), (iii) the Graffiti of Old St Pauls, (iv) loaves and fishes, (v) a fish (inspired by an ancient carving in the choir) and (vi) a gryphon (inspired by a similar carving to (iv).

The project is expected to continue for some time yet. Donations and sponsorship are very welcome as are also volunteer embroiderers.