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Mothers' Union

Christian Care for Families


The Mothers' Union is a Christian Mission Charity to support families of all kinds.

St Mary's branch is part of a worldwide membership working in over 80 countries with over 4 million members.

We are a friendly group and have 26 members and visitors are always welcome.

We meet on the second Thursday of each month at 10:30am in the Parish Room.

Caroline Evens


Contact Branch Leader:

Caroline Evens 01462 742277



Mrs. Eileen ten Hove 01462 742746



Mr. John Rowlands 01462 742758
Mrs. Kay Hoskins 01462 743694


Beautifully restored by Rosemary Gillborn



Speakers for 2018:

January, 11th
Letchworth Foodbank, Ursula Byrne
Parish Church Room, Swan Street
February, 8th
Dubai, Mark Eaton followed by AGM
Parish Church Room, Swan Street
March, 8th
Lady Day Service
at St Mary's
April, 12th
My Medical Journey To Ashwell, Dr. Martin Hoffman
Parish Church Room, Swan Street
May, 10th
The Leprosy Mission, Colin Osborne MBE
Parish Church Room, Swan Street
June, 14th
Walking in God's Garden, Susan Roberts
Parish Church Room, Swan Street
June, 23
4:00pm Wave of Prayer
July, 12th
September, 13th
How the Lighthouse was born, Gill Thomson
at St Paul's Letchworth
October, 11th
In Mary Summer's Footsteps, Jean McIntosh
Parish Church Room, Swan Street
November, 8th
There's no fool like an old fool, Revd. Patrick Forbes
Parish Church Room, Swan Street
December, 13th


2017 - The Mothers' Union report

St Mary's branch has met on 11 occasions enjoying a variety of speakers and worship.

We have 26 members and are always pleased to welcome visitors to our meetings. The branch has raised £726.34 which has supported the Famine in Sudan and Away From It All holidays. Part of our subscription is used to support families facing adversity in this country and abroad.

A highlight of the year was the making up of the birthing packs for women in Tanzania. Under the guidance of Gaye Rowlands the branch, along with individuals from the benefice, 35 packs were put together and taken to Tanzania by Antje and Kimi Brandtner.

We have supported the Garden House Hospice with providing cakes for patients and their visitors at afternoon teatime and we reached out into the community with a Garden Party in July.

Everyone is welcome to join the Mothers' Union or come to any of our meetings.

Caroline Evens